Leandra B

If you looking for someone to not only take do your brows, but handle them with care every time you attend an appointment then Razia is the one to call. She is absolutely amazing and I cannot express enough how good she is at what she does!

Nikita M

If I could give 10 stars I would !! Razia is a gem ! A dream come true AND so is the quality if her work, she ALWAYS give quality skin care advice too. I'd pay any day just for the amazing service I get whenever I go! So it's a win win when going to Razia... You get a free "lovely/refreshing" conversation and you leave with no disappointment!!! Thank you Razia for sharing your talents with us!!

Sandi S

Razia is truly the queen of brows. I 100% trust whatever she says looks best my face

Lisa M

WOW! Razia is a miracle worker/brow magician. The Dvine beauty is experience is just that "an EXPERIENCE".

Ashiqah D

I've got a long review because there is just so much that I need to share about my experience. This was my first visit with Razia and doing the "Full brow service, which includes the henna tint, and I chose the brow thread and lip thread". She even suggested that I can try to wax next time and that way I can decide which one I prefer between the thread and wax. I have very sensitive skin, very little hair and absolutely no shape on my brows. I must say WOW 🤩 I am very happy and absolutely love my brows 😍. A whole new person walked out of there💃. I felt very comfortable, welcomed and Razia does a consultation to discuss the options first before she starts which really made me feel more at ease. I had no irritation on my skin at all and the best part is that she offers the aftercare product at a small cost to take home which is amazing. I don't know of another beautician that has the aftercare option. Razia is definitely a kind, warm hearted, amazingly talented "BROW QUEEN" with the softest touch and a perfectionist at what she does and the best part is that she communicates through the whole process. She takes her time and had my best interest at heart ❤️. This service was definitely worth every penny and I will definitely be back. Thankful to have started this amazing journey with Razia 🥰. Looking forward to many more beautician visits with Razia at Divine Beauty 🥳.

Fadeelah K

I loved how Razia empowered me with patience and her impeccable knowledge to take me from being too scared to touch my brows to being able to map out and shape my brows myself. And now I have the tools to practice practice practice! It's the next best thing to having her work her magic on your face herself.

Alicia B

Razia is an amazing and most professional beauty specialist i have ever met. She is highly skilled in her profession, and always does a great job. Def recommend this training. I learned alot. Thank you Razia @ Dvine Beauty

Abigail H

Always impressed by Razia's will to improve her business and creating new ways to connect with her clients. I had such a blast speaking to you Razia, I've missed the chat, laughs and listening to all your new ideas. I look forward to seeing you in Level 1.

Nikita M

OH SWEET RAZIA ... This lady truely has a beautiful gift .. A gift that not only makes us shine like the bright stars we are but makes us feel amazing ( after laying in her salon and speaking(sometimes we offload aswell) about lets say 1000 things in the short period of +/-45mins), she has the SUPERPOWER TO SAVE OUR BROWS after its been killed... for some of us our brows were just never really alive.. but after visiting Razia.. let me tell you, your brows will start living its best life LOL . IT'S TRUE !! I went for my first brow lamination on the 22nd of January 2020 and what an amazing experience! I was lucky not to have any reactions to the products used it the lamination process. I felt very comfortable as Razia guided me through every step and explained what she was doing when she was doing it and why ! ..She monitored my skin while applying different product to prevent any possible reaction due to my skin being sensitive. I was very very impressed with the end result and everyone is loving my new look! Thank you Razia for seeing me even though I ran late by 20mins !! Your son and his hot wheels are almost as cool as you ! Can't wait for my next visit !!!

Sivenkosi R

Razia is amazing...in fact a God send...her advise and humour is out of this world.... Did I mention how knowledgeable she is about her art? Thanks to Dvine Beauty....I will never have 'Shoprite brows'... Thank you for an amazing,informative and so delightful treatment session...I will definitely see you soon next month🤗🤗

Azraah H

I've been with Razia for about 2 years and during this time, I've tried others - biggest mistake ever! There is simply no one better than Razia, what they say about her is true, she is the "brow whisperer" 💚 She is a perfectionist and prides herself on her work. Her attention to detail is second to none. As a business owner myself, I am a lastminute.com kind of client and greatly appreciate that Razia is always willing to try and accommodate me in which ever way she can.

Natheerah A

All i can is say Wow..i finally found my go to girl...In years i neva had my eyebrows done and left happy...today happy is an understatement to hw happy and satisfied i am...Thanks babe i will def be back soon

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