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Dvine Beauty is an Aesthetics and Micropigmentation studio specialising in Brow Styling Services.

Waxing, threading, henna brows, brow lamination, microblading, hairstroke brows, powder brows, permanent make - up, microneedling & neocollagenisis (wrinkle reduction) is among the services we offer. 

We invite you to our online shop where we aim to bring you the best local products and brands as we have so many talented entrepreneurs and Dvine Beauty fully supports the local business community.

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Razia Israel

Hi, my online family

I'm Razia, the artist behind the beautiful brows you see here and on my socials. I've been in the beauty industry for the past 7 years and specialise in brows.

I'm super passionate about my craft and aesthetic, symmetry and balance are huge in every aspect of my everyday life. And I love it!!

Hygiene and client safety is my top priority, so you can be sure that there are absolutely no nasties lurking anywhere in my studio. We follow strict Bloodbourne Pathogen Protocol. Routine, thorough sterilization of furniture, surfaces and tools are all part of our routine before and after every client. 

Designing beautiful brows is definitively a creative outlet. Some people paint, others craft or scrapbook, I do brows. Educating my clients on aftercare and taking care of themselves both emotionally and physically, is also very dear to my heart.

Being in my studio, meeting old and new friends and connecting with people everyday, is my happy place. So it doesn't ever feel like work to me.

The best part of my job though, is seeing the joy on my client's face when she looks at herself in the mirror. This is priceless, and the reason I push myself to do more each day. 

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I hope to meet you soon. 

Take care. 

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