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Salicylic Acid Skin Shot 2%

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Salicylic – derived from acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA). It is oil (lipid) soluble – which AHA are not.  This allows the BHA to penetrate oily pores and help to exfoliate the pore itself. It breaks down the ‘glue’ that causes breakouts and oily, uneven skins. It helps the cell to let go of the excess sebum that oily skins like to hold on to.

Like AHAs, beta hydroxy acid (BHA) also acts as an exfoliant increasing the shedding of dead skin cells. BHA is extremely useful for treating breakouts and helps manage keratosis pilaris and other conditions that involve blocked or clogged pores.

What benefits will I see? 
Daily use of salicylic acid will refine pore size, alleviate bumps and clogs, soften the look of wrinkles, improve skin texture, tone, and hydration, and restore a gorgeous glow. A real multi-tasker. 

Its also a great ingredient to help combat Fungal Acne !

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