Dikson argabeta shampoo & mask repair bundle picture

Dikson Argabeta Shampoo & Mask Repair Bundle

R 550

Shampoo Repair

For damaged and treated hair.

Ideal for hair weakened or damaged by chemical or mechanical treatments. 

The active ingredients are easily absorbed, tone the hair and restore its natural beauty.

Delicately cleanses sensitised hair.

Restores the structure.

Healthier and stronger hair guaranteeing softness and silkiness.



Mask Repair

Nourishes and repairs the hair, providing tone and volume. 

Ideal after chemical treatments, it helps maintaining their effects longer and restoring the natural beauty and integrity of the hair.

Use: after shampooing, normal use for a mask. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes.

250 ml bottle with pump dispenser: 24006322

500 ml

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