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Dikson Argabeta Shampoo & Mask Detox Bundle

R 550

vegCARBON (CHARCOAL) products

Hair is subjected to environmental stress on a daily basis caused by external agents and polluting substances that compromise their health.
Technical services such as colouring and lightening may also be less performing and the colours duller and less bright. The detox action of DETOX products with charcoal functions efficiently by giving the hair natural purity and vitality.

CHARCOAL: charcoal is a very porous powder with absorbing, detoxing and purifying properties. Detergent and antismog, it is an ideal ingredient in cosmetics to eliminate residues of polluting substances and toxins. The type derived from the carbonisation of bamboo is more porous and has greater absorption properties. The charcoal used in Argabeta Detox products is certified as not deriving from deforestation of rainforests.

LAVENDER OIL: known for its soothing properties, it is efficacious on an irritated scalp, has a sebum-regulating action and tones the hair.

YLANG YLANG OIL: Ylang Ylang in Filipino means “flower of flowers”. The oil obtained from the superb flowers of this exotic tropical Asian tree has a toning and astringent effect on the hair.


Shampoo Detox

- detoxing and purifying shampoo
- frees the scalp and hair from impurities and residues
- has a soothing action on scalp
- tones the hair, making them naturally vital


USE: normal for a shampoo.


Mask Detox

- regenerates hair stressed by pollution
- conditions, nourishes and purifies
- untangles and makes hair softer
- restores purity and vitality

USE: after shampooing, normal use for a mask. Leave in for 5 to
10 minutes.

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