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Brow Powder - Raven

R 380

Trying to get defined brows that still look natural? This is the best eyebrow powder to achieve that! Easily apply the powder, shape your brows, and create a look that is natural while still popping!

Easy to Apply

Our powder eyebrow makeup is easy to apply and gives you a chance to make sure you’re getting the right look. This powder can help shape and define your brows with just a swipe. It’ll also add a slight shine to your eyebrows to make them stand out without looking unnatural. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to apply this product because it’s so easy to do with basic tools, which are all included in our eyebrow powder kit.

Moreover, our eyebrow powder comes in four different shades. Choose from blonde, light brown, taupe, or raven to match your hair and skin tone and create your perfect look. You can build individual colors to reach the ideal shade, or you can use the blendable formula to create your own unique color of our powder eyebrow makeup!

No Fuss Makeup

Just because the brow makeup is easy to apply doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend all day trying to wash it off your face. It comes off easily with soap and water. Before you use any eyebrow powder, you’ll want to make sure it’s good for you. Our powder is made with high-quality and professional-grade ingredients. It is vegan and never tested on animals!

Make your brows the best they can be with our line of premium brow cosmetics!

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