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Dikson Argabeta Argan Beauty Oil

R 250

ArgaBeta Argan beauty oil


Intense wellness treatment made with Argan oil for all types of hair. 

Immediate absorption, not oily, does not leave any residues, provides deep hydration and leaves hair silky to the touch in addition to providing extraordinary shine to highlights. 

Argan Oil, rich in vitamin E (a natural antioxidant), it nourishes your hair and defends it against free radicals. 

Enriched with UV fi lter. It is a wellness treatment for hair, used in various ways, a mixture of high and refi ned quality ingredients, the ideal partner for every successful hairdresser.

Use: Beauty oil is a beauty treatment for hair which can be use in several ways:

For styling and frizz control: apply a few drops to damp hair; proceed with drying; using beauty oil oil helps get rid of split ends.

With hair colouring: distribute approximately 5 ml of the product on your hair before applying the colouring or lightening cream; massage thoroughly to facilitate product penetration and do not rinse; add 3/5 ml of beauty oil to the colouring mixture and proceed with the application as usual.

As protection and anti-ageing: apply a few drops of the product to dry hair and distribute it evenly.

  • 30 ml bottle with cap
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